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Liquidating your 401k account

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As you can deduct the interest you are paying yourself.

It would take some significant tax planning to split the tax hit.

Not only is your contribution tax deductible today, but your contributions to your account are also growing tax-deferred.

But these tax benefits are only applicable when you abide by the rules of the plan, and these rules limit everything from how much you can contribute to the plan annually to when you can withdraw funds from the plan penalty-free.

As owner of the new company, you can now direct what the 401(k) invests in.

With ROBS, the new company typically issues shares that you can purchase using money from the 401(k).

Your 401(k) is intended to be used to provide for your golden years.

If you're still working for the company and you're younger than 59 1/2, you're not allowed to cash out your 401(k).

You could consider rolling over part of it into a ROTH SDIRA this will allow you to pay some tax on the money and move it into an account that you will no longer be paying any tax on.

I strongly suggest in most cases the loan from the 401k.

In which case you will lose a lot more than you should allow. You will pay income tax on the money at some point in time.

The first step to making money is don't lose money. -Steven the Tax Guy Your guide to IRS laws, rules and regulations. Cashing out is not for everyone and I would not do it if you don't have a viable plan. The pitch was that you would be in a lower tax bracket upon retirement.